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Guardian book reviews

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Came across two book reviews which I thought were quite interesting in the newspaper yesterday. Here are links to both:

What I Don’t Know About Animals

Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk


Presentation Video

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Today I did my presentation for Visual Culture Studies followed by a question and answer session. Watch it below and leave a comment if you are interested!

Sci-Fi & Anthropology: Earthrise, Gaia and the Collage Work of Kit Leffler

Image List





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I’ve switched the title of Apocalyptic Beach Crap to Mirage. I have now finished the second (2/3) of these prints, and have photographed them, here are some images of them:

I have also completed my presentation for this term which is an extension of the case study assignment, I’m loosely titling it Sci-Fi &Anthropology: Earthrise, Gaia and the Collage Work of Kit Leffler. This will be online soon to watch!

Project Space Images

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On Nov. 12th I had a collaborative exhibition of one work each with Shandra Lamaute. Below are images of our works installed.

Photos by John MacGregor / ECA

My works are the museum cases and cicadas. Shandra’s work is the raw wool braid. Both of our pieces incorporated sound. Mine used the repetitive drone of cicadas, Shandra’s work had the sound of herself and her daughter talking.

giant balloon photos

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am thinking of getting some giant balloon to paper mache over… here’s some awesome pictures of children with giant balloons!

I thought that was pretty awesome.
Check out this article about giant balloon artist Jason Hackenwerth.